Where some see only the novice we find the unexpected master. Where some see innocence we create the chance for adventure. In the overlooked object we find the clues to a thrilling and mysterious plot.
   Patterns are where the irrational and the rational commune. Study a pattern to decode its intricate logic or just wander in its dizzy repetition.
   Deadly Squire's line of patterned products bring the sublime and the exotic to the everyday. With a growing collection of designs and objects we hope to provide a means for everyone to bring something evocative, delightful, and precious to their home or body.
   Deadly Squire was founded in the winter of 2004 by husband and wife Anna and Tim Harrington. Each found the other's art and personal style so attractive that they were compelled to work together.
   Tim admired the way Anna, who is also a painter, used color and shape. Anna found it refreshing that Tim, who is also front-man for the well known punk band Les Savy Fav, had no idea what a home and apparel crossover line was. They moved forward with a can-do attitude and their unique set of skills to form Deadly Squire.
   Together the duo blend their distinctive design sense, infectious enthusiasm, and taste for mischief to create a collection of products for people with an appreciation for our vast and marvelous world.